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Surely, you have driven around your neighborhood and have noticed that there are many different styles of garage doors available. There are numerous styles available and you can probably see most in your own neighborhood. The four most popular garage door styles include retractable and canopy cover, roller doors, and side hinge doors. You have probably seen each one of these at one point in your life, but may not know the names. Here is a short guide that gives you a little more information so that you can tell the difference between them. This may also help when the time comes when you want to install a new garage door.

If you have an older home, and have not yet replaced the original garage door, you most likely have a retractable or canopy cover door. These doors are usually just one single panel. When they open the swing out and up. You usually must stay at the middle of your drive way while they are opening to ensure that you or your car is not hit. These types of doors are usually cheap and very easy to install and maintain.

The most common type of Colorado Springs garage door used today is the roller door. These garage doors are automatic and is space saving. When they open they simply roll up with ease and lay flat against the ceiling of your garage. Due to the more complex mechanism used, these doors are usually more expensive and are very complex to install. You will most likely want to hire a technician if you would like to have one of these garage doors installed in your home.

The last common style is the side hinge door. This type of door involves two large pieces of wood attached to the sides of the garage door opening. These are the easiest type of garage doors to install on your own. They are usually made out of wood and look more traditional. Today, these types of doors are found more on ranch and custom homes. The one problem with them is that since the two doors bang together when it is shut they do show more wear and tear.

These of course are not the only types of garage doors available today. There are many different styles to choose from. And even within the styles we listed, you can create a custom one just by adding glass panels or color. If you are interested in having a new garage door installed in your home, you can contact any local large hardware store or a specialty store in your area today.